Rumor: Samsung wants to buy LCD panels for TVs from LG Display

According to Korean media, Samsung is in talks with LG Display about the supply of LCD panels for televisions. Samsung itself stops the production of LCD panels, but reportedly wants to continue to release LCD TVs.

An agreement on the supply of LCD panels between LG Display and Samsung could be reached shortly, according to sources from the Korean press service Yonhap. According to previous rumors, talks took place between Samsung and, among others, China Star Optoelectronics, BOE Technology and Foxconn subsidiary Sharp.

Samsung is looking for a supplier of LCD panels, because it will stop production itself at the end of this year. Samsung will focus on the production of panels with blue OLEDs and quantum dots. In addition, red and green color filters are used to create sub-pixels of those colors.

The production of LCD panels is under pressure, partly because of the arrival of Chinese manufacturers who can supply cheap panels. With QD OLED TVs, Samsung wants to compete in the lucrative high segment with LG OLED TVs. Although Samsung and LG are competitors, an agreement on the supply of panels would not be unique, Yonhap writes. In 2017, LG Display is said to have already delivered 65 “and 75” LCD panels for TVs to Samsung when Sharp unexpectedly reduced that delivery.