Rumor: Samsung has ready modified Galaxy Fold design

Samsung has reportedly finished the changes it is making to the foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone-cum-tablet. The company would, among other things, have extended the protective layer over the screen.

Samsung has now placed the protective plastic layer that covers the OLEDs around the entire screen, so that it comes out under the screen edges. That should prevent users from picking this layer off, as happened with review copies of the Fold. At least that’s what Bloomberg claims based on sources that are familiar with the plans.

Furthermore, Samsung would have adapted the hinge so that it is slightly higher in relation to the screen and thus pushes the protective layer upwards to prevent cracks. Despite the changes to the design being ready, Samsung has not yet chosen a new launch date, according to the publication.

The company is probably still finishing the final tests. At least that’s what the CEO of Samsung reported on Tuesday. “We didn’t even think about some problems,” he said at the time. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be released on April 26, but reviewers reported screen problems that quickly arose. Some reviewers were unaware that the protective layer was not allowed to come off, but users who left it on also experienced problems.