Respawn Makes Season 2 of Apex Legends Available

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Respawn has put season 2 of the battle royale game Apex Legends live. The release comes with a new battle pass for weapons and skins, the new legend Wattson and adjustments to the balance.

Wattson is a defensive Legend who can charge at Interception Pylons and place electric fences to fend off opponents and shield parts of the map. There is a new weapon, the L-Star that can fire plasma projectiles and can only be obtained via airdrops. Also added the Hop-ups Disruptor Rounds and Hammerpoint Rounds that deal damage to targets that are protected and unprotected respectively.

Respawn has made further adjustments to the Kings Canyon map and for example, the large Leviathans are now walking around there. The game company has compiled a list of all adjustments, including those to the balance sheet, on Reddit.

Season 2’s battle pass is available for 950 Apex Coins or as a bundle for 2800 Apex Coins with the first 25 levels already unlocked. Players can earn XP with regular in-game challenges, and in addition to new weapons and skins, there are music packs, new emotes and loading screens.

With the battle pass, Respawn hopes to take some of the criticism out of the previous battle pass’s lack of good items. The company warns that season 2 is a hefty size. On the PS4 and Xbox One, the update takes up more than 20GB. On the PC, that’s more than 18GB. The company expects upcoming updates to be less extensive, although it does not rule out that future updates may also require a lot of space.

Season 2 also kicks off the first Series in the new Ranked Mode. This lasts until September. Ranked Mode features six leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator. Matches cost Ranked Points, but players can earn them too. A matchmaking system categorizes players, and among a group of friends, the matchmaker categorizes based on the highest ranking player.

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