Rumor: Microsoft comes with cheaper Surface tablets with 10 "screen

Microsoft wants to release Surface-tablets with a 10-inch screen in the second half of 2018, with a price starting at $ 400, the tablets are standard and can be connected with keyboards, just like the Surface Pro.

Microsoft would like to compete with the cheaper Surface-tablets on the iPad.The Surface systems with their 10-inch screen are smaller than the Surface Pro models that Microsoft now offers, writes Bloomberg which has a good reputation in the area of ​​rumors about Microsoft and Apple.
The tablets that would appear later this year, like the iPad, would have no sharp corners. Microsoft would equip them with usb-c and the processor would be from Intel. By default, the company would not supply them with a keyboard, mouse and stylus, but would offer them as optional accessories, just like with the Pro models. However, the prices of these components would be lower than those for the Surface Pro accessories.
Variants with 64 GB and 128 GB of storage space appear on the tablets and there are also models that can connect via lte, claims Bloomberg. The models run Windows 10 Pro, making it clear that Microsoft is targeting the tablets on the business market. The new Surface models would be 20 percent lighter, but also have a shorter battery life than the current variants.
The cheapest Surface Pro that Microsoft currently offers is the 128GB storage space variant, $ 799 in the US and in the Benelux 899 euros costs. The cheapest Surface system was previously the Surface RT tablet with Arm-soc, which cost $ 499 but was unsuccessful. A Surface Mini with 8 “screen did not appear after that.With a claimed starting price of $ 400 a 10” -Surface would still be somewhat more expensive than an iPad, the cheapest model of which has a price of $ 329
Microsoft has expanded its Surface line in recent years and the newest addition concerns the Surface Hub 2 . Turnover from Surface hardware rose by 32 percent in the fourth quarter compared to the same period a year ago.


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