Project Cars game for smartphones and tablets is under development

Project Cars from Slightly Mad Studios comes to smartphones and tablets. The mobile version is called Project Cars GO and is being developed by Gamevil. That studio has already made several smartphone games, but no racing games yet.

According to Gamevil and Slightly Mad Studios, the mobile version of Project Cars will contain several cars of real brands and the game will have extensive options to customize the cars. That should transfer the feeling of the Project Cars games on the PC and consoles to the mobile version. Substantive details about the game have not yet been announced. It is also not clear when and for which platforms Project Cars GO comes in.
The developers have not yet said anything about the business model. Various racing games such as Real Racing and Need For Speed ​​for Android and iOS use the free-to-play model with micro transactions. At the end of last year GRID Autosport for iOS appeared. That is a game without micro transactions, with a price of 10.99 euro.