Rumor: LG will show rollable OLED TV at CES fair in January

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Technology website Engadget reports that it has seen internal documents from LG that would indicate that the company is likely to unveil previously shown prototypes, including a roll-up OLED TV.

Engadget provides few further details about what’s in the documents, other than mentioning topics intended for a presentation. It is still unclear which products are involved and how much certainty can be given based on the information. In any case, the website points to a prototype that LG showed behind closed doors during CES at the beginning of this year: an early version of a roll-up OLED TV with a screen diagonal of 65 “. This screen could disappear completely in a matching white housing. with the size of a large soundbar.Should this prototype come on the market in this form, then the electronics, speakers and connections will probably be processed in this box.

In addition to a rollable OLED TV, the internal documents would indicate that LG has plans to present a foldable smartphone at the CES fair. There are no further details on this, but this corresponds to information provided by telecom journalist Evan Blass. He reported a few days ago that LG will show a foldable smartphone at the upcoming CES and a month ago, LG already confirmed that the company will come with a foldable smartphone.

LG Display already showed a transparent and rollable 77″ OLED panel with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels in June 2017. This could be rolled up as a cylinder with a radius of 8cm, which would not negatively affect the quality and functionality of the panel. panel was a development of earlier flexible and transparent OLED panels, such as a roll-up 18″ OLED panel that was already shown in 2014.

The idea behind roll-up OLED TVs is that if users can relatively easily hide the large black devices in the living room, they may be more inclined to purchase the televisions and in particular relatively larger models.

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