Rumor: LG is renaming G-series smartphones

LG would stop with its G-series of smartphones and release an upcoming model under a different name, South Korean site Naver reports. LG has been releasing devices in that series since 2012. The most recent model is the G8x from the end of last year.

LG would make a phone with an optional second screen and a Snapdragon 700 series soc, Naver claims. It would be released under the name G9 ThinQ, but it will now appear under a different name. That would be one of the interventions of the new director of the company. A V60 ThinQ has already appeared in the V-series this year, which has been running since 2015.

The first phone from the G series was the Optimus G from 2012, which also appeared in the Benelux in 2013. The Optimus name disappeared with the second version, the G2 from 2013. It featured, among other things, buttons on the back. The G3 was the first high-end smartphone with a 1440p display. The G5 added Friends modules, after which the G6 was one of the first smartphones to let go of the 16:9 screen ratio and go to an 18:9 screen. The most recent model is the G8 ThinQ and the variants G8s and G8x.

In recent years, LG has tried to differentiate its G-phones with a focus on audio with the addition of powerful dacs for audio output via the 3.5mm jack. The G5 was also the first smartphone with an ultra-wide-angle camera, which can now be found on almost every new smartphone model. LG has not confirmed Naver’s information.

LG G2 from 2013, with buttons on the back