Rumor: IO Interactive Is Working On Fantasy RPG With Dragons Exclusive To Xbox

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Hitman developer IO Interactive may have pitched a “Project Dragon” game at Microsoft, a multiplayer fantasy RPG exclusive to Xbox consoles. The game is probably still early in development.

The new game that IO Interactive is working on may be a fantasy game, Windows Central reports citing sources. Many details are not yet known, but it would be a game that is ‘different’ than what IO Interactive has made before. According to the site, it will be an online multiplayer RPG with people sharing the same game environment.

Eurogamer says it has heard a similar project from sources, which should become an AAA game ‘in scale’. The game would have a large, medieval-like game world and include dragons. According to Eurogamer sources, it will be years before the game appears.

The developer announced a few weeks ago that they would open a new third studio in Barcelona. This studio is said to be working on a new game, possibly Project Dragon. In addition to this third game, IO Interactive is working on Hitman and James Bond games.

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