Rumor: Huawei is considering a 20 percent commission on its own download store

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Huawei is reportedly considering charging a 20 percent commission on in-app purchases on devices running its own HarmonyOS. So far, developers do not have to pay anything to the Chinese manufacturer. Huawei has partially denied the information.

The percentage of 20 is lower than the 50 percent that Xiaomi charges in China, for example, reports Bloomberg. Huawei says in a response to the news agency that it has not discussed a percentage of 20 percent with developers. Bloomberg says it has heard from those developers. The payment would mainly apply to games, in which the most money is involved. Huawei's download store is called App Gallery.

HarmonyOS is especially big in China, where Huawei has a much larger market share than in the West. This is largely due to the US trade ban, which has prevented Huawei from providing Google services on smartphones since 2019. That doesn't matter in China, because those Google services are not active there.

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