Rumor: HP is working on VR glasses with eye and face tracking

HP is working on a new virtual reality headset based on the soon to be released Reverb G2. It would be the HP Reverb Omnicept Edition, says an Italian tech site. This new version would add eye and face tracking.

Even though the Reverb G2 will be released in two weeks, HP would already be working on a second edition of this headset. The Italian site Aggiornamenti Lumia is bringing the message as a preview of the new, yet unannounced mixed reality headset. This Omnicept Edition would at least include eye tracking and face camera functions as new features. It is not known exactly how these parts work. The Italian site also shows an image of the new headset and seems to suggest it has more information about the new product. The HP Reverb Omnicept Edition may be based on the Omnicept trademark, registered by HP on May 4, which includes terms such as facial recognition software, optical recognition software, and muscle recognition software.

A comparison between the possible new version and the soon to be released Reverb G2. The white areas are the apparently different ones placed by the Italian site.

HP developed the Reverb G2 headset together with Microsoft and Valve. The company previously announced that the headset will be released for 699 euros in mid-September. The vr headset works with the Windows Mixed Reality platform and with SteamVR. Four cameras are incorporated into the headset for inside-out tracking of the included bluetooth controllers. The Reverb G2 contains the same speakers as in the Valve Index. Compared to the existing Reverb, the upcoming Reverb G2 has as an innovation, among other things, a slider to adjust the distance between the lenses to the interpupillary distance. The latter is the distance between the center of the pupils. Just like its predecessor, the Reverb G2 has LCDs with a resolution of 2160×2160 pixels per eye and an angle of view of 114 degrees. It is not known whether all this also applies to the possible Omnicept Edition.

Images of the HP Reverb G2