Rumor: HMD will make new variant of Nokia 2010

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In line with reissues of classic Nokia phones, HMD will probably release a new device. It would be the Nokia 2010, which initially came out in 1994. The new version should be released next year.

The news was shared with Android Authority by an HMD insider. The device will get a new design, 4G support and a color screen and will be released 25 years after the original. It will be available in the same markets as the other retro Nokias, according to the source.

Android Authority speculates that the device will run the same operating system as the Nokia 3310 and 8110 and may have applications for WhatsApp and Facebook. The device would appear in the colors red, yellow and black.

HMD has previously released new versions of the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110. The new devices resemble their classic variants, but look more modern, have the specifications of a modern feature phone and can run some recent applications.

The original Nokia 2010

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