Rumor: Galaxy S5 metal version coming in May under the name Galaxy F

Rumors have surfaced about a variant of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S5 with a metal body. This device would bear the name Galaxy F and will be in stores in May. The Galaxy F would also get faster hardware.

That is what the Korean ETnews says, based on high-ranking officials at Samsung who would have discussed this behind closed doors at Mobile World Congress. Under the name Project F, Samsung is said to be working on a variant of the Galaxy S5 with a metal housing. Internally, things would also change: faster hardware has been built in, although it is not clear what exactly this is about. The device may be equipped with its own Exynos soc from Samsung. In addition, ETnews mentions that the camera of the Galaxy F will receive support for optical image stabilization. Incidentally, Samsung previously announced that there will be a version of the Galaxy S5 with octacore soc, probably also an Exynos.

Although ETnews calls the device Galaxy F, it is unclear whether this is also the name with which the variant of the Galaxy S5 will be marketed. It is more likely that Samsung will stick to the Galaxy S naming. It is also striking that, if the rumors are correct, Samsung will come up with a souped-up version shortly after the release of its Galaxy S5 in April.

Earlier, however, there were rumors that Samsung was working on two versions of the Galaxy S5. Only one version appeared at the launch at Mobile World Congress. It is possible that Samsung did not want to announce the ‘premium’ version of the Galaxy S5 due to delays, but that it is still on the schedule.