Rumor: FromSoftware is working on new Armored Core game

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Dark Souls developer FromSoftware is said to be working on a game in the Armored Core series. It would be a sci-fi game with a third-person perspective, in which players control a mech. The information comes from a developer survey.

The game world was created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the Souls games, according to information shared by Resetera user Red Liquorice. An ‘overwhelming game world’ is promised, with ‘dynamic mech action’. The game features both long-range combat with guns, as well as close-range combat with swords and shields.

The user says he received a survey from the developer with questions about the game, in which screenshots and two videos were shared in addition to information. The shared screenshots are partially covered to hide watermarks that trace back to the recipient. The videos were not made public, because Red Liquorice said they could not save them.

The video showed a boss fight, which Red Liquorice says looks “very Souls-esque,” while the long-range battles remind him of the Virtua On franchise. Based on images in which multiple players’ mechs can be seen, the user suspects that the game will have a co-op function.

Armored Core is a series of mech-action games, the first installment of which was released for the PlayStation in 1997 by FromSoftware. More than ten games have since appeared in the series, the last of which came out in 2013. FromSoftware is also currently working on the rpg Elden Ring. It should be released on February 25.

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