EA will release F1 23 with story mode and ‘more predictable’ controls on June 16

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The new Formula 1 game from Codemasters and EA will be released on June 16. This edition includes the Braking Point story mode, which was missing from last year’s game. In addition, the game will have a new hub, F1 World, and the driving behavior should become more ‘predictable’.

The new F1 game is coming with all teams, drivers and circuits of the 2023 season of Formula 1. This also includes the new Las Vegas Grand Prix and Losail International Circuit in Qatar, which are in the game right from the release. In addition, there are three ‘legacy circuits’ available that are not part of the real 2023 season: Circuit Paul Ricard, Shanghai International Circuit and Algarve International Circuit.

EA also promises to have improved the controls, making cars feel more ‘predictable’ and have better physics. The company also talks about a new technology called ‘Precision Drive’, which should ensure that players with a controller have more control during ‘critical racing moments’. Furthermore, a 35 percent race distance has been added, as a middle ground between the short and long race options, and the red flags return after nearly a decade of absence. They are used after a serious accident. How exactly they work in the game is still unclear.

The Braking Mode storyline returns after a year’s absence, picking up where it left off in the 2021 edition. Aidon Jackson and his rival Devon Butler again play the lead roles. This time they race together in the same fictional Konnersport Racing Team. Devon’s sister also plays a major role. She has won the F2 championship in the story and wants to get involved in Formula 1.

The new F1 World hub should “bring together different online and offline game modes” by linking them to an overall progression system. There are weekly and daily challenges that allow players to level up, EA explains. That way they can unlock new upgrades for their cars, new liveries, racing outfits and helmets, similar to the Podium Pass system of the previous iterations.

F1 23 will be released on June 16 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Players who pre-order the Champions Edition will be able to play the game on June 13.

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