Rumor: Apple is working on prototype laptop with 20-inch folding screen

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Apple may be working on a prototype laptop with a folding screen. That product should come out in three or four years and not have a fixed keyboard and trackpad. The information comes from several reliable sources.

According to Bloomberg author Mark Gurman, Apple has been developing the device for a few years now, which counts as a hybrid of a MacBook and an iPad. The foldable screen should serve as a regular screen at the top, while at the bottom users can type on a virtual keyboard. With that, the device would not get a physical keyboard and trackpad.

Analyst firm Display Supply Chain, which in the past has often shown that it has correct information about unannounced products, also mentions the arrival of a laptop with a folding screen from Apple. The release should take place within five years. It would be a folding screen with a diagonal of more than 20 “and a resolution of possibly more than 4K.

Such a device makes it possible to use it as a ‘laptop’ via a virtual keyboard, while users can also rotate the device a quarter turn and use it as a monitor in combination with an external keyboard. Apple has been using folded screens for years, including in iPhones, but until now did not use screens that users can fold themselves.

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