Rumor: Apple is experimenting with USB-C and wireless charging for next iPhone

Apple is experimenting with technologies such as USB-C and wireless charging for its next iPhone, according to a new rumor. It would also consider putting the fingerprint scanner in the screen, while 3D Touch should get support for multi-touch.

According to a Weibo user who has frequently published accurate information about unannounced smartphones, Apple currently has five more prototypes with various novelties that it is testing. GforGames notes that most of them will never make it to the market.

Apple would experiment with, among other things, wireless charging, a technology that has been in Lumias for several years, in Nexus phones and which can also be found in the Galaxy S6. In addition, it would like to add a USB-C port for both data transfer and audio. That’s in line with a rumor from last week that Apple no longer wants to use the 3.5mm jack for headsets in the next iPhone. It is unknown whether Apple would like to replace Lightning with USB-C, but that is obvious.

In addition, the fingerprint scanner could be in the screen. That is not impossible, because various manufacturers are embedding scanners behind materials such as metal and glass. The screen would also support multitouch for 3D Touch and possibly be of the OLED type, instead of the LCDs that Apple has been using since the release of the first iPhone. The Apple Watch also has an OLED display. In addition, Apple is toying with the idea of ​​using multiple cameras side by side, such as Huawei’s Honor 6 Plus.

The rumor is unverifiable, but it happens more often that unclear but correct information about the next iPhone comes out at this stage. Apple released the iPhone 6s generation in late September and is likely to release the presumed iPhone 7 sometime in the second half of next year.