Rumor: Apple is considering iPhones and iPads without Qualcomm modems

According to new rumors, Apple is working on the design of iPhones and iPads that do not have modems from chipmaker Qualcomm on board. The plan is not yet final. The two American companies have been in a legal battle for some time.

Apple is considering releasing the devices without Qualcomm modems next year, sources tell The Wall Street Journal and Reuters. According to the newspaper, Apple may want to replace the modems with copies from Intel and there is a possibility that MediaTek will supply modems. The decision to move away from Qualcomm parts is said to be related to the chipmaker’s failure to supply software to Apple to test its chips in prototypes.

In a response, Qualcomm disputes this, saying it is “providing Apple with support for new devices like other companies.” In addition, it is said to have already made the modems for the new generation of Apple devices available to the company. Apple has been using Intel modems in some of its devices for some time, such as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The sources tell The Wall Street Journal that Qualcomm stopped making software available when Apple filed a lawsuit against the company in January. Qualcomm claims Apple has broken the rules when licensing its patents. Apple wants some patents declared invalid. The Cupertino company also demanded that Qualcomm pay back a billion dollars and significantly reduce the amounts for the license payments. According to Apple, Qualcomm is abusing its monopoly on the market for mobile chips.

In response to this lawsuit from Apple, Qualcomm in turn sued Apple in April. The chip designer wants compensation for broken agreements and wants Apple to stop interfering in agreements between Qualcomm and iPhone and iPad manufacturers. Apple is also said to have incited national regulators to ‘attack’ the chip designer.