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Revision Sony PS4 Pro has a different power connector and is quieter

Sony released the third revision of the PS4 Pro. The new version has, among other things, another power connector and cable and is also quieter, as Eurogamer has outdated. The new console is in the United Kingdom in a Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle.

The type number is CUH-7200, says Eurogamer . The new PS4 Pro makes up to 48dB of sound, where the first version came to 55dB. The power consumption has remained about the same, while the temperature has risen to 52 degrees compared with the first revision. Eurogamer has tested the PS4s with God of War.

Apart from the higher temperature and the reduction of noise, the power supply has been adapted. Instead of the old connector, there is now an ‘eight-figure’, which is also on many other devices. Microsoft also put this connector on the Xbox One S and One X.

The new revision is not yet available everywhere. The CUH-7200 is in the UK in a bundle with Red Dead Redemption 2, but not yet in other bundles or in loose sales. Users can recognize the revision by the designation CUH-7216B, says Eurogamer.

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