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Google builds support for foldable smartphones in Android

Google is going to integrate the support for foldable smartphones into Android. This allows apps to detect whether the screen is unfolded or not. There are two types of foldable smartphones, says Google.

Google says in the keynote of its Android Developers Conference that there are devices with one screen and two screens. Those with a screen have the screen on the outside and in the folded position, the screen is on the front and back, such as the FlexPai smartphone that the American manufacturer Royole recently announced. The other has a smartphone screen on the outside with a ‘tablet screen’ on the inside.

Google calls the function ‘screen continuity’, where developers can take into account that users switch to a larger, expanded screen. The app can then automatically adjust the interface.

Several manufacturers come with such smartphones, says Google CEO Dave Burke in the keynote. Samsung releases its device according to Burke early next year. The South Korean manufacturer will hold the keynote on its own Samsung Developer Conference on Wednesday night, where the company will show its foldable smartphone.

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