Retro game and movie Kung Fury are on Steam

Both the game and the movie Kung Fury can be viewed and downloaded via Steam. The makers raised more than $630,000 with 17,000 backers through a Kickstarter campaign. The movie is free and the game costs just under two euros.

The Swedish action comedy in which the oriental martial arts and all kinds of weapons in the 80s style fly around the viewer and player’s ears, is a tribute to comparable films from the penultimate decade of the last century.

The story follows the police officer Kung Fury whose friend is murdered by the most dangerous Kung Fu Master and criminal of all time: Adolf Hitler, better known as Kung Führer. Kung Fury decides to travel back in time to Nazi Germany to kill Hitler and destroy the Nazi Empire.

Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg began shooting a trailer in 2013 after his career as a commercial director, before embarking on a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. The goal was to raise $200,000 for a half-hour online short film. Later, the goal was lowered to $1 million to make it a full-length film, but that was not met. In the end, a lot of money was used for post-production.

The project was mainly filmed in green screen using a Canon EOS 5D and a Sony FS700 camera. Almost the entire movie was filmed in Umeå, Sweden. To give a Miami feeling, many digital effects have been used. Some additional scenes and stunts were filmed in Stockholm.

The film debuted at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and came online a day later via Steam and YouTube. TV was also inevitable: in Sweden SVT2 broadcast the film and in America El Rey Network.

The game Kung Fury: Street Rage is completely beat ’em up style and has low system requirements. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and SteamOS and costs 1.99 euros. There are also free versions for iOS and Android.