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Researchers make an ultra-sensitive skin for robots

Robots can then take on jobs from people and perform actions, but they remain machines, not meat and blood. Yet robots are increasingly getting parables with humans. Now researchers have developed a skin, especially for robots. What? How? Why?


Researchers at the University of Texas have developed electronic skin that is more sensitive than human skin. The skin consists of millions of nerves. The researchers have been granted a patent on the skin, so that they can continue to develop it.

The special skin is made to enable people and robots to live together better. Robots can feel with the skin, and if the sensors in the skin touch something, it records this information. This way they can feel changes in temperature and surface differences. Based on this, they can make decisions.


The ultra-sensitive skin can be used in healthcare. For example, it can be stuck on prostheses, so that something can be felt. Even in the army it can contribute a bit. If a piece of skin is stuck in a uniform, chemicals can be felt in the air. Identifying fingerprints can also be a lot easier if these sensors are placed over them.

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