Remedy: Alan Wake Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch This Fall

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Alan Wake’s remaster, released last year, will hit Switch this fall. That is what game studio Remedy says. The game originally appeared only on PC and current and previous generations of Playstation and Xbox consoles. An exact release date has not been announced

In the development studio video update Also informed Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy Entertainment, that the studio will not show new footage of Alan Wake 2 during the summer as previously promised. However, according to the man, the development of the game is going well. Alan Wake 2 will be the successor to the 11-year-old original Alan Wake and will be released in 2023. The new game will be a survival horror game, which will largely deviate from the first game.

Remedy released Alan Wake Remastered last October. The enhanced version of the original game from 2010 gets support for up to 4k and 60fps, better cinematics, environments and textures, facelifted character models and new in-game commentary. In addition to the game, buyers received the expansions The Signal and The Writer.

It is not clear what technical limits the Nintendo Switch Remedy had to take into account. Only the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles can play the Alan Wake Remasterd at 4k resolution at 60fps. PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X players can choose between 30fps and 4k or 60fps and 1080p. Xbox Series S does not support 4k. On the regular PlayStation 4 console, only 1080p at 30fps is possible; on the Xbox One, this is limited to 900p and 30fps. The remaster does not support ray tracing or HDR.

Alan Wake Remastered

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