Reddit has 52 million daily active users

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For the first time, Reddit has provided details on how many people use the platform on a daily basis. In their own words, an average of 52 million people were active every day in October. That would be an increase of 44 percent compared to a year earlier.

With 52 million daily active users, Reddit is much smaller than Facebook and Twitter, which social networks have 1.82 billion and 187 million daily active users, respectively. However, the increase in the number of active users is greater with Reddit than with the major competitors.

Reddit shares the numbers with The Wall Street Journal to indicate the growth in active users and generate interest from advertisers. According to Reddit, the company had advertising revenues of $ 100 million in 2019 and now looks set to grow by 70 percent by the end of this year.

Previously, Reddit has provided figures on monthly active users. Last year around this time, Reddit reported that there were 430 million users active monthly. That was a growth of 30 percent compared to a year earlier. It is not known how many monthly active users there are now.

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