Realme comes with GT3 smartphone that can charge at 240W

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Realme, a sister brand of Oppo, has announced the GT3 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Certain versions of this new device can charge the 4600mAh battery with a power of 240W. The GT3 looks identical to the Chinese GT Neo 5.

In a video that includes on the GT3 page state, Realme claims that the battery level of an empty one reaches 20 percent in 80 seconds. After four minutes, 50 percent should be reached and the battery should be fully charged after 9.5 minutes. Charging an empty battery for 30 seconds is enough for a two-hour phone call or watching a video for an hour, according to Realme. These are values ​​achieved with the supplied 20V/12A cable.

In addition, the manufacturer claims that the battery retains its capacity for a relatively long time; the battery would retain 80 percent after 1600 charging sessions. The manufacturer speaks of ‘the world’s first 240W fast charging function’ and ‘the fastest charging speed for USB-C. This concerns the SuperVOOC fast charging technology that Oppo also uses. The USB-C specification allows up to 240W charging.

The GT3 looks identical to the GT Neo5 already released in China. The device has an RGB rectangle on the back to transmit notifications in different colors, for example when a call comes in or the battery is almost empty.

The phone also includes the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 soc, a 6.74″ screen with a resolution of 2,772 x 1,240 pixels and a 144Hz refresh rate and three cameras on the back. The GT Neo5 only supports 240W in China. fast charging if the version with 16GB of ram and 256GB of storage is chosen.A variant with less RAM does not go further than 150W in terms of fast charging.This will probably also apply to the GT3.

The GT3 will soon be released internationally, although it is not yet clear where exactly the device will appear and no prices are yet known for the Benelux. MSRPs start at $649.

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