Razer claims thousands of ‘developers’ for smart wristband

Razer claims that the SDK for its ‘smart’ bracelet Nabu has now managed to interest more than ten thousand developers. The Nabu bracelet is yet to hit the market in the first half of 2014.

During the CES, where many companies introduced wearables, Razer introduced the Nabu. The bracelet stood out because of its design and the underlying concept. For example, the Nabu contains two OLED displays: an OLED with a ‘public’ function and a display for private messages. Razer claims that this makes it easier for the user to keep certain notifications, such as the content of a text message, private. The manufacturer also calls the ‘discovery’ function of the Nabu, where wearers of the bracelet can recognize each other, a distinctive feature.

Razer now reports that it received more than ten thousand registrations within 24 hours for its announced SDK at CES. Those who have signed up have indicated that they want to build apps. The manufacturer, which is mainly known for its PC accessories, calls the number remarkably high and says that it is pleasantly surprised by the great interest.

Developers could register for the development program behind the Nabu bracelet for $49 during CES. It is not inconceivable that a significant proportion have registered for the SDK solely because of the low price. Ultimately, Razer wants to market the bracelet for an as yet undisclosed amount. This should happen in the first half of this year.