Radeon HD 4830 cards from various manufacturers pop up

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Radeon HD 4830 cards from HIS, Powercolor and Sapphire have surfaced this week. The MSI version already surfaced last week. In the game Far Cry 2, the card achieves comparable performance to the 8800GT.

Both HISPowercolor and Sapphire set the clock of the 55nm RV770LE GPU at 575MHz, while the memory of the three 4830 cards runs at 1800MHz. Powercolor provides its video card with a DVI and an HDMI connection. The other two manufacturers have opted for two DVI connections. The three cards also contain 512MB GDDR3 memory. Last week, MSI already released the 4830 card, which has the same specifications. It is still unknown what the cards will cost, but the price is expected to be around 110 euros.

Guru3d knew Test the performance of the Radeon HD 4830 using Far Cry 2’s built-in benchmark. In this game, the card performed identically to the Geforce 9600GT and the 8800GT at a resolution of 2560×1600. The latter card is the direct competitor for AMD’s card, albeit in the form of the 9800GT, which has the same GPU, but produced at 55nm. At a resolution of 1920×1200 that is more realistic for the mainstream segment, the HD 4830 managed to stay ahead of the 8800GT; at lower resolutions this was reversed again. In all cases, the HD 3870 lost out to AMD’s new card, which is expected this week.

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