Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 678 for mid-range smartphones

Qualcomm has announced a new soc for midrange smartphones. It is the Snapdragon 678, a slight upgrade compared to the two-year-old Snapdragon 675. The new Snapdragon is mainly slightly faster than its predecessor.

The Snapdragon 678 offers two performance improvements over the Snapdragon 675 , according to Qualcomm. The soc still contains the Kryo 460 CPU, but the clock speed of the two fast Cortex A76 cores has been increased from 2.0 to 2.2 GHz.

Furthermore, the same Adreno 612 GPU in the Snapdragon 678 would perform better, but the chip designer does not make it clear to what extent or in what area that is the case. Like the Snapdragon 675, the new 678 is made at 11nm and 5G support is still lacking.

With the Snapdragon 678, Qualcomm is targeting mid-range smartphones. It remains to be seen which new smartphones will use the new soc. The predecessor, the Snapdragon 675, is included in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro, Moto Z4 and Samsung Galaxy M40.

Snapdragon 675Snapdragon 670Snapdragon 678
CPU2x Kryo 460 @ 2.0GHz
6x Kryo 460 @ 1.8GHz
2x Kryo 360 @ 2.0GHz
6x Kryo 360 @ 1.7GHz
2x Kryo 460 @ 2.2GHz
6x Kryo 460 @ 2.0GHz
GPUAdreno 612Adreno 615Adreno 612
DspHexagon 685Hexagon 685Hexagon 685
Is PSpectra 250LSpectra 250Spectra 250L
Camera supportThree cameras. 25Mp single / 16Mp double25Mp single / 16Mp doubleThree cameras. 25Mp single / 16Mp double
ModemSnapdragon X12-LTESnapdragon X12-LTESnapdragon X12-LTE
Download / upload600 / 150Mbit / s600 / 150Mbit / s600 / 150Mbit / s
Production process11nm10nm11nm

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