Big Stretch Reminder software displays a message to remind you to take breaks regularly

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Big Stretch Reminder program has been around for a decade, so you may have heard of it. The interface is simple and modern. In the main screen, called Timer, you can specify how often reminders should be displayed. The default setting is 50 minutes, but you can change it. You can switch between reminders and increase the reminder frequency during heavy use. The application automatically pauses reminders when the computer is locked or idle.

This program works silently in the background as a system tray application. Move the mouse over the icon to see when the next pause is set. Click the Preview button to view a test reminder. The program is primarily intended to help prevent RSI (RSI). The message that appears next to the system tray contains some RSI-related tips. The program will cycle through different messages, so you will not often see the same ones. Click HERE to download this program.

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