PUBG publisher Krafton is working on Sims-like game inZOI with UE5 engine

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PUBG publisher Krafton is working on inZOI, a Sims-like game that uses Unreal Engine 5. The sim should be released in 2024 and offers players a lot of freedom to design clothing and furniture.

The studio does not provide many details yet about inZOI, but it appears to be a Sims-like game in which players take control of one or more characters. In a trailer, Krafton shows how players can cook, clean, go to work and meet other characters in the city.

InZOI gives users many options to customize furniture; Some furniture is modular, which means that, for example, a chair can be fitted with different types of chair legs. Items such as clothing, bedding and pillows can be provided with images chosen by the player, where the player can choose the placement of that image himself. The player can also adjust the color of materials.

The trailer shows apartments, different weather types and Krafton shows a more realistic style than, for example, The Sims games. According to IGN the game should be released sometime in 2024. It is not known for which platforms the game will be released.

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