‘Intel Lunar Lake laptop CPU uses TSMC node and has integrated memory’

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Intel’s upcoming Lunar Lake MX laptop CPUs use a 3nm process from TSMC and have up to 32GB of integrated RAM. Well-known leaker YuuKi-AnS reports this. The CPU series is currently planned for 2025.

The Lunar Lake MX series is intended for low-power laptops, with a TDP of 8W to 30W. The CPU has eight cores with four powerful and four economical cores. The SoC is also rumored to have 16GB to 32GB of dual-channel Lpddr5x-8533 memory, meaning no additional memory modules are needed. YuuKi-AnS claims this in tweets that have since been deleted were picked up by an AnandTech forum user.

According to the leaker, the SoC will have GPU cores from Intel’s Battlemage series, the successor to the current Arc Alchemist series. The Lunar Lake MX series would consist of seven to eight Xe2 cores with support for real-time ray tracing. The SoC therefore supports DisplayPort 2.1 and HDMI 2.1. The SoC must also support Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4, and have a fourth generation NPU.

What is striking about the slides is that the part of the processor that contains the CPU cores is made using TSMC’s N3B-3nm process. That would be the first time; With the next generation, Meteor Lake, the CPU part is still made using a proprietary process and only secondary tiles such as the IGPU from TSMC are available. Intel previously said that the Lunar Lake Socs would be partly made using its own 18A process. Based on this new information, this would at most concern secondary tiles.

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