PUBG gets two big new maps, one with respawns

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gets two new maps in the 8×8 format, or 8 by 8 kilometers. The playing fields are codenamed Tiger and Kiki and so far only teasers have been shown. On the Tiger map, players will respawn if they die.

Tiger is the first new 8×8 map to be released for PUBG and it will be the first in three years that a new large playing field will appear again. According to the developers, Tiger will feature all aspects of PUBG, but players will respawn after they die. The makers have already experimented with this functionality and now say that this has been done with the new playing field in mind. Tiger is based on Korea, the makers tell IGN. When the new playing field will be released is not yet known, but that will be sometime this year.


At the end of 2021 or early 2022 there will be another new 8×8 map: Kiki. That playing field will have a ‘diverse set of locations’, from underground labs to huge skyscrapers, swamps and metro systems. This has to be PUBG’s most diverse playing field yet. The plans for Kiki are still in an early phase and later this year the makers will come with more details.


Miramar Remaster

A remaster of Miramar will be released before the arrival of the new large maps. That happens with the 12.1 update for PUBG. The playing field gets graphical improvements and an ATV is added, which can accommodate two players. The map also gets a new heavy-caliber sniper rifle, the Lynx AMR. This new version of Miramar will be live on the PUBG servers ‘soon’.

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