PUBG Gets Ballistic Shield And Jungle Map Coming To PC June 22nd

PUBG Corp, the developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has announced that players on Xbox One and PC will receive a ballistic shield later this year. It has also been announced that the new jungle map called Sanhok will be released on the PC on June 22.

The developer reports that the ballistic shield is intended to provide cover in, for example, open areas where the player and any teammates would otherwise be very vulnerable. The shield occupies a primary weapon slot and can be used with handguns, submachine guns, sidearms, and grenades. The shield will be available for the first time in War Mode later this year, for both PC and Xbox One. An exact release date is still unknown.

Meanwhile, PUBG Corp has also announced the release date of the new jungle map Sanhok. At the beginning of June, the map could probably be tested for the last time and it will now be released for PC on June 22. The map will be released on Xbox One in late summer. Sanhok is characterized by a jungle environment and a smaller area compared to the much larger existing maps Miramar and Erangel.

The developer also previously announced that a snow map will be released later this year. The intention is to release this map in the winter for PC and Xbox One. New mechanics will be added to the snowy map, although it is not yet clear what exactly it is about.