PUBG developer takes three months to fix bugs

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The developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has announced Fix PUBG. That is the name of a campaign that lasts three months and with which the developer wants to solve all kinds of problems in the game. The process is tracked on a website.

The makers say on Steam that ‘fix PUBG’ is something they’ve heard a lot about in recent months, and with the campaign they now want to actually respond to that. The goal is to fix as many bugs as possible in three months and implement improvements suggested by players.

PUBG Corp. has drawn up a roadmap with all known issues and set aside time to work on them. The entire process is tracked on a special website, where the status of each bug can be seen. During August, September and October, the majority of the team’s development capacity is available to fix bugs.

The developer promises, among other things, to improve the performance of the game, so that gamers get more frames per second with their hardware. Sudden frame drops in particular should be avoided. In addition, the team promises better server performance, improvements in anti-cheat measures and several quality-of-life improvements.

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