Hyundai wants to make the sexiest cars within 10 years

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Hyuandai makes very good cars, but in terms of design they do not really excel at the moment. Time to change that, says the company itself. Vice President of Design SangYup Lee recently stated in an interview with Automotive News that they “want to be seen by people within 10 years as a brand that makes attractive-looking cars.”

As an example, Alfa Romeo is used, because they are good at making each car look unique, while you see that it is an Alfa. That is exactly what Lee wants. Their new design philosophy is called ‘Sensous Sportiness’ and it was shown at the Geneva Motor Show. That same philosophy is being extended in all new models.

Emotional bonding

“A car is an emotional product, we want to maximize that emotional value, as Alfa Romeo and Maserati do, and it has to end with the cars that are almost equally styled, which in principle only measure a little different. “We want to tackle it more like on a chessboard. You have a king, queen, runner and tower and they all look different, they all do something different, but it is clear that it is one team. “

The Le Fil Rouge concept presented last month in America is the first example of that new philosophy and fair is fair: if Hyundai this type of cars on the road, they are very well on the way to fulfill their wish. That thing looks super sharp as you can see and in that sense it is not inferior to other coupes of the nicer brands. The future has to reveal whether Hyundai can deliver what they promise with the sexy appearance, but damn if this is not a good start.

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