Prusa introduces lettuce-3d-printer with open source software

Manufacturer Prusa introduces a 3D printer that prints with a stereolithographic printer and works with open source software. The Original Prusa SL1 is the first 3D printer of the company that works with resin.

The SL1 can print up to 120x68x150mm, says Prusa . Each layer takes six seconds to print and the height of the layer is adjustable from 0.01 mm. Prusa advises users to use layers from 0.025 to 0.01mm. The printer has a sensor in the print bed to measure the level of the resin. The printer calibrates itself automatically. The SL1 has a 5.5 “LCD on board with 2560×1440 pixels, the printer is made of aluminum.

The printer works with msla, masked stereolithraphy, which allows a great level of detail even though it is not possible to make large prints thanks to the small size, Prusa will put the lettuce printing functionality in its software and strives to make that open source, even if the company does not mention when that will happen. for 1299 euro for the kit and 1599 euro for the finished printer.

The printer uses a UV laser that draws the shape of the object to be printed in a barrel of liquid resin. polymerizes that resin very locally and thus the object is made layer by layer.


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