Rumor: Huawei Mate 20 Pro has cameras with wide-angle and telephoto lenses

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro may have a wide-angle and a telephoto lens on the back. It would be the first time that a smartphone combines both types of lenses in one camera system. Renders also appeared on the phone.

The Mate 20 Pro gets according to WinFuture lenses ranging from 16mm to 80mm in 35mm equivalent. A regular smartphone camera is usually between 24 and 28 mm, while the telephoto lenses are often around 50 mm. The P20 Pro, also from Huawei, has a 78mm lens, but a wide-angle lens is not on that phone.

With focal lengths of 16mm and 80mm ‘5x optical zoom’ is possible without the need for software tricks, something that Huawei still does with the P20 Pro that ‘only’ 3x zoom thanks to the used focal lengths. It is unknown how the camera setup works exactly; WinFuture speculates that Huawei no longer delivers a monochrome sensor, but lets the third camera color in photography.

The renders show the Mate 20 Pro with a recess at the top of the screen. It would be an OLED screen with 3120×1440 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. The Mate 20 Pro will run on the previously announced Kirin 980 -soc, which produces TSMC for Huawei at 7nm.

Huawei presents the Mate 20 series on October 16 during its own event, said the manufacturer earlier. According to WinFuture, the device appears in three colors in Europe, namely blue with pinstripe, black and twilight, a gradient from black to purple and blue.