Private cabins with WiFi and Netflix for airports

Soon the waiting time that you at airports should spend could easily become more comfortable. Sleeping in an awkward position on benches in a public waiting room is over. In this futuristic looking Airport Nap Pods you lie comfortably in your own private cabin, you do not suffer from other people and you can dream away. There is WiFi, you can charge all your devices, on a big screen you can watch Netflix and via another screen you can keep track of the status of your flight. If I read this myself, it seems almost too good to be true, because this is exactly the way I would like to wait at the gate. Who is not?

Airport Nap Pods

Some time ago, Skyscanner researched exactly what passengers need at airports. This showed that, for example, 49 percent of respondents are waiting for a cinema at the airport – which, to be honest, I think is a very good idea. A library is also welcome (32 percent are interested), but sleeping cabins are also mentioned. And so a smart businessman from Slovenia went to work.
These Airport Nap Pods are a Slovenian invention and therefore the road to European airports is not that long anymore. The idea is that you can rent these private cabins per hour. They have at least everything you need to kill time at airports and you can also sleep in comfortably, if you want to be jet lag. The only disadvantage is that the cabins are for one person, because most of the time you travel together with someone. In this concept you have to rent your own cabin and that may be a bit uncomfortable for travel companions, but otherwise it is a top idea.
Totally new is the concept of the Airport Nap Pods, because there are already several airports around the world where you can book a private space (in New York, Las Vegas and Helsinki). This is a new design with all possibilities, including Netflix. According to this British newspaper they would already be tested at European airports in the autumn, so who knows, you might find one in 2018. I would definitely try it!