Huawei promises to release updates for multiple devices every two months

Smartphone maker Huawei has promised that several phones from the P, Mate and Nova series will receive firmware updates every two months, according to AusDroid. But it is not said how long that will remain so per device. In addition, several devices receive face unlock.

According to Ausdroid, it concerns at least the P10, P20, P20 Pro, Mate 9, 10 and 10 Pro and the Nova 3e, 2lite and 2i. These updates would contain both security patches and new features. The announcement follows very shortly after that of Oneplus, which has promised three years of security updates.

The first of those updates will introduce face unlock on the aforementioned devices. However, it is not entirely clear whether these are all devices that receive an update every two months, or whether these are only the devices that receive face unlock and other devices also receive other updates.

However, such security technology is known to be far from foolproof. If a smartphone only has a single front camera, which the above devices have, it cannot make an estimate of depth. Therefore, face unlock can be fooled using an accurate, convincing photo.

Last month it was announced that Huawei will no longer hand out unlock codes for its bootloaders. This means that it is more difficult to install other operating systems on Huawei devices. A so-called custom rom is, among other things, a solution when the manufacturer of a smartphone no longer makes updates for a device, but the community still does.