Step 2. Open up the File Manager on your device and then create a new folder with the name Hidden or anyone you like. You can also hide photos of an existing folder.

Step 3. Open up the new folder or existing folder, which photos you want to hide. Tap on the + icon or button and then choose up the New File option and create a new file as “.nomedia“. This file will prevent gallery apps from not scanning any of the photos or the media placed inside.

Step 4. Don’t worry about disappearing newly created file.  Just put files and folder in the newly created folder or existing folder containing “.nomedia“ file. Now media of this folder would not in any Gallary or media apps. You can use this trick also for Google Photos.

Alternative Apps

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe Fototresor – Bilder und Videos Verschluß
Developer: Keepsafe

Price: Free+

This application can secure your personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, and military-grade encryption. 

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

Gallery Lock (Deutsch)

Price: Free+

 This application hides pictures and videos. This is one of the top 10 apps sold on Google Play.

Gallery Lock – Lock Photos & Hide Videos

Fototresor – Bilder und Videos Verschluß
Fototresor – Bilder und Videos Verschluß
Developer: FRAUMOBI

Price: Free+

 This is a light but powerful privacy protection app to hide and encrypt pictures and videos behind password. 

Secure Gallery(Pic/Video Lock)

Bilder verstecken - S Gallery
Developer: SpSoft

Price: Free+

This application can hide pictures and videos for protection of your privacy using a password or pattern.