Pokémon Go gets function to nominate locations for PokéStops

Niantic will add functionality to Pokémon Go that will allow users to nominate locations for PokéStops. First there will be a beta in Brazil and South Korea and initially only level 40 players can nominate locations.

Niantic says that the beta test will start soon, but does not mention a date. The developer speaks about a PokéStop nomination system. Players must take a picture of a location, a so-called point of interest which is then assessed and possibly included in the game. This assessment will be made by players from Ingress through the Operation Portal Recon project.

Initially only players from level 40 can nominate locations. Niantic may later allow players with a lower level to submit locations. The current PokéStops in the game are already locations from Ingress. Also new locations in Ingress are being translated into Pokémon Go.

Niantic has put a page online with details about the nominating of locations . There are various places and things that qualify, such as public parks, libraries, places of worship, interesting works of art or architecture and large stations.

Players in Brazil and South Korea who have access to the function are given the Pokémon Go- app functionality to designate a location and take a picture. In a blog Niantic clarifies the choice for the two countries. According to the developer, there are relatively many players in relation to the number of PokéStops.

According to Niantic, the number of active Pokémon Go players has increased by 35 percent since May. In the past months, the developer organized various activities and new functions were added, such as exchanges with friends. Since the introduction of the Friends function, 113 million connections have been made, says Niantic


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