Plex adds native movie edition support to media server software

Plex gets support for movie editions. This allows users to directly find different movie editions, such as a ‘Director’s Cut’, in their Plex library if they have indicated this. The feature currently only works for movies and for Plex Pass subscribers.

The Plex media server software has long supported multiple versions of the same title. This was useful if a user had multiple versions of a movie or series in their library with different image quality or compression method. With the newly added movie edition support it now becomes easier to find various movie releases such as a ‘Director’s Cut’ or ‘Final Cut’ in the Plex library.

Users can indicate in two ways that a film title is a separate edition. Or they can change the file name according to the way that Plex prescribes, or they can indicate directly in the Plex library that it is a particular edition. Plex has created a new option for this.

Currently, it is only possible to specify movie editions in the Plex software, but the software maker allows know via Twitter that it is thinking about support for television shows. However, the company behind the media server software does not make any promises. A Plex Pass subscription is required to use the new feature.

Multiple movie editions of Blade Runner movie in Plex media server software