Players find another glitch that enables splitscreen in Halo Infinite

A Halo Infinite player has found another glitch that makes it possible to play the game in split screen, despite the game not officially supporting it. The developer has even said that the feature will definitely not be released.

the discoverer reports on Twitter that there are some ‘minor bugs’ when using the glitch. For example, the Twitter user writes that frame drops can occur, but does not go into further detail. The glitch does not work flawlessly, but apparently better than the previous one, which came to light last December. The downsides of the previous glitch were that the second player has no hud, story missions are inaccessible, the game crashes when someone dies, savegame corruption prevented, and more. All in all, this new glitch is much more user-friendly. The discoverer shares instructions to use the bug in his Twitter video.

Microsoft subsidiary and game developer 343 Industries just announced a few days ago that local co-op via split screen would not be released as a feature. 343 said that development time is needed for investment in other things. The work on splitscreen was already underway, judging by how well it works now through this glitch.

343 Industries also announced that the game will be getting a beta version of the Forge level editor on November 8, and that the campaign will also be playable in online co-op, in teams of up to four players. The Forge level editor and co-op were supposed to be available earlier, but have been delayed several times.

This image links to the tweet in question, with instructional video.