PinePhone will get covers with wireless charging, NFC and physical keyboard

The Pine64 PinePhone will get covers that wirelessly charge or add NFC to the phone, the company has announced. The company is also working on a cover that will add a large battery and physical keyboard to the device.

Pogo Pins on Pine64 PinephoneThe covers are connected via the Pogo pins that are located above the kill switches on the PCB. The covers that add wireless charging and NFC will be available soon, Pine64 says . The cover with a physical keyboard and larger battery, probably 5000mAh, will probably go into production at the end of this year. The company warns that it is not certain that it will actually come.

The PinePhone is a smartphone that can run many different operating systems thanks to its open hardware and software. In addition, it can boot from a MicroSD card, which many other smartphones cannot. The phone came out last year.

There will also be a new pcb with 3GB memory and 32GB storage for users of the PinePhone with a 2GB / 16GB configuration. They don’t have to replace their entire phone because just replacing the board is enough. Pine64 will also have a European store, but work on it has been delayed due to the corona pandemic. It is unknown what the benefit will be for European users.