Pictures and specs of BlackBerry Key2 with physical keyboard come out

Specs and renders of the BlackBerry Key2 have appeared online, along with the possible price of the smartphone. Manufacturer TCL will hold a presentation on Thursday to announce the smartphone with physical keyboard.

The BlackBerry Key2 will get a dual camera with different angles of view for optical zoom, according to the spec sheet that Venturebeat employee Evan Blass, better known by his Twitter name @evleaks, put online. This makes an optical zoom of 1.6x possible. Both camera sensors have twelve megapixels. The f/1.8 lens of the primary camera has a field of view of 79 degrees, that of the f/2.6 lens of the secondary camera comes to 50 degrees.

The device has a screen with the same specifications as last year’s KeyOne. It is a 4.5″ LCD with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and a resolution of 1680×1020 pixels. The screen area is 92.4cm2, which is about the same size as a 6″ 18:9 screen. ratio that many current smartphones have.

According to the message, the Key2 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660-soc, assisted by 6GB of RAM. The storage amount depends on the variant and is 64GB or 128GB. The device has a USB-C port and 3.5mm jack.

The physical keyboard has four rows and a total of 35 keys with a flattened side to help distinguish them. They serve not only as a physical key, but also as a touchpad and are touch sensitive. There is a fingerprint scanner in the space bar.

Blass claims that the Key2 will be released for 649 euros, a price that is in line with that of the KeyOne and previous BlackBerrys. Manufacturer TCL will hold an event on Thursday to showcase the phone. TCL is licensed to release phones under the BlackBerry brand name. The Canadian company has not made its own devices for a few years, but does provide software for the Android edition on BlackBerry smartphones.