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Drop in use illegal software

Cyber ​​attacks are daily costs for large institutions and companies. Sometimes it seems insurmountable, but companies may still have some control in their own hands.

Software is necessary for companies. But if illegal software is used, the susceptibility to cybercrime can increase considerably. The removal of illegal software can reduce the risks of cyber attacks, according to a new survey by BSA, The Software Alliance.

Illegal software dangerous

There are serious security risks associated with the use of illegal software. It can contain viruses and updates often stay out. Especially the leakage of the personal and company data can be a disaster for companies. Companies seem to increasingly recognize the dangers of illegal software. There is increasing attention for the dangers of illegal software.

Less attractive

According to BSA research, a decline is visible in illegal software. Cyber ​​security is the number one reason for avoiding illegal software. And the legal procedures also have a deterrent effect. The use of illegal software is punishable and hefty fines can be the result.

Below the most important results from the research:

  • Although the use of software without a license declined slightly, it still takes place on a large scale. Worldwide, it is about 37 percent of all software on personal computers – that’s two points less than in 2016.
  • CIOs indicate that illegal software creates risks and leads to costs. Malware as a result of illegal software costs companies nearly $ 359 billion annually.
  • Improving software compliance offers economic and security benefits. Companies that improve their software management see sales increases of up to 11 percent.
  • Improving software management provides immediate economic benefits. Studies show that companies can save up to 30 percent per year on software costs through a robust SAM and licensing optimization program.

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