Photos presumably show PCB from Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 successor

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Photos have surfaced of an Nvidia PCB for a new video card. It is probably the printed circuit board that will form the basis for the GTX 1080 successor, which may be called GTX 1180 or GTX 2080.

The photos posted on Baidu, China, and spotted by Videocardz, show the front and back of the PCB. It seems to be a reference PCB from Nvidia, on which manufacturers will base their video cards. Based on the various logos and certificates, it is a final PCB. The model number is PG180.

It can be seen that manufacturers can connect a six-pin and eight-pin power connector. That is more than the GTX 1080, which only has an eight-pin connection. Adding the six-pin connector may be optional. The PCB also has space for an energy supply consisting of ten phases.

There is room for eight memory chips, which would make versions with 8GB or 16GB GDDR6 memory possible. At the bottom is a PCI-e connector and at the top left is an unknown connection, where a SLI connector is expected. The new connector is a lot wider than the sli connector on the current GTX 1080 and 1070. The connection was also visible on the test pcb of which a photo appeared online earlier.

The place where the GPU will be housed is smaller than the space that was visible on the aforementioned test PCB. This means that the PCB shown is not intended for the largest variant of the new GPU. Videocardz suggests that the pcb is intended for the GV104 GPU, which would be the successor to the GP104 GPU of the GTX 1080.

Judging by the known dimensions of gddr6 memory chips and the pcb, the pinout for the gpu die seems to have dimensions of approximately 19x19mm. This would give the chip a surface area of ​​about 361mm2. That’s more than the 314mm² of the GTX 1080 GPU, but less than the 471mm² of the GP102 GPU found in the GTX 1080 Ti.

video card GPU Surface
Titan V GV100 (Volta) 815mm²
GTX 1080 Ti GP102 (Pascal) 471 mm²
GTX 1180 / 2080? GV104? ~361mm²
GTX 1080 GP104 (Pascal) 314 mm²

The appearance of the pcb strengthens the suspicion that Nvidia will soon announce a new GeForce video card. The manufacturer will hold an event around Gamescom on August 20, where the company says it will show ‘surprises’.

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