EvLeaks hint at Android P release on August 20

Smartphone enthusiast Evan Blass, also known as EvLeaks, has hinted in a tweet to a release of Android P, or version number 9. So it is possible that the release will take place on August 20.

Blass’ tweet shows a calendar with an overview of the month of August, with a green letter ‘p’ inserted on 20 August. Until now, that letter in the same color has been used by Google in communication about the upcoming Android version, which does not yet have a full name. It’s not inconceivable that Android P will indeed come out on the 20th, as Google dropped the Oreo release on August 21, 2017, for example.

Blass was also the one who predicted this date a week in advance last year. His current prediction is therefore somewhat earlier, but no less credible. Google released the latest Developer Preview of Android P late last month.

This version of Android includes more extensive support for devices with a notch in the screen. In addition, there are new ways of navigation with gestures and a Multi-camera API, which should make it possible to do more with dual cameras on the front or back of a device. An overview can be found in a preview of the P version.

There will also be a Dashboard in a later release that gives people insight into their use of Android. This will likely happen in conjunction with the release of the new Pixel generation, Der Standard wrote based on a conversation with Dave Burke, who heads Android’s engineering department.