Photo tip: take better portraits with your iPhone

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When you take portraits with your iPhone, you obviously use the portrait mode, but with a few handy tricks you can also take them to a higher level. To start with, there are two golden tips that always come in handy. When shooting in landscape mode, you should not leave the model in the center of the frame, but rather slightly to the left or right of the center. Do you take photos in portrait mode? Then place your model in the center of the image and position the head in the upper part.

Portraits iPhone: use a window as a light source

If you want to take portraits indoors, you don’t need special lighting. In fact, a large window is enough, because it provides a beautiful and soft light during the day. Make sure that your subject is facing the window or outside. The face is then exposed at its best. Try to avoid the intense midday sun by choosing a north-facing window, or grab a coffee and continue at a later time.

Portraits in the shade

outside you can find a nice spot in the shade because there the light is much more even and you are hardly bothered by harsh contrasts. In addition, you have less chance of ugly shadows in the face of your subject and your model will not quickly squint.

Backlit Portraits

It used to be ‘not done’ to photograph against the sun. Today, it is a beloved style choice. For the best results you have to wait until sunset. When the sun is low enough, place the model between you and the sun. The photo then gets a nice and warm, orange glow. In addition, you see a nice edge of light around the model.

Eyes make the difference

When you want to photograph someone who is taller or smaller than yourself, you tend to point the camera up or down. Unless you specifically opt for this, it often doesn’t look that nice. Therefore, always try to take portraits at eye level. Pay particular attention to this with children.

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