Panasonic introduces new LCD and OLED TVs including 48″ OLED TV

Panasonic has introduced 21 LCD and OLED televisions that will be sold later this year. This concerns 4K OLED TVs in four JZ series and LCD TVs in three JX series. The most expensive model is a 65″ JZ2000 OLED TV for 3799 euros. Panasonic is also selling a 48″ OLED TV for the first time.

The top model is the JZ2000, an OLED TV that the company has already unveiled. It will be released in June in two formats, as a 55″ TV and as a 65″ TV. These have a relatively bright OLED panel, a lower input lag and HDMI 2.1 as the main differences with the predecessor HZ2000. The JZ1500 share the same panel as the JZ2000, but lack the integrated speakers. A 48″ model will also appear in this series of TVs, which will have a different panel than the JZ2000 TVs.

Panasonic provides few technical details about the cheaper models for the time being; it is therefore not clear why these are cheaper. Presumably, these cheaper models have fewer connections and lower peak brightnesses. The company does say that all OLED TVs will receive the HCX Pro AI processor. This means that they will get a special game mode with lower input lag, among other things. How low that input lag is is still unknown; Earlier, Panasonic talked about a latency of 14ms.

All OLED TVs get two HDMI 2.1 ports, which allow 4k display, 120fps and Variable Refresh Rate. Panasonic does note that with the combination of 4k, 120fps and VRR, the TVs will halve the vertical resolution. The Panasonic TVs therefore have the same limitation as Sony’s XH90 television. Panasonic claims to be able to remove this limitation with an update this year. The OLED TVs also receive support for AMD FreeSync, Dolby Atmos and Vision, HLG, HDR10 and HDR10+.

The three LCD TVs appear in the JX940 series, JX850 series and JX800 series. The latter two series will receive 65″, 58″, 50″, and 40″ TVs. The first series will feature 75″, 65″, 55″ and 49″ TVs. These JX940 TVs also get the same HCX Pro AI processor as the OLED TVs and a 120Hz HDR panel.

The two cheaper LCD TV series will get an older HCX processor. This gives these TVs support for many HDR formats, but not for Dolby Vision IQ, for example. Also, these TVs should be missing game mode and 4k at 120fps.

All TVs announced on Thursday except the JX800 TVs will receive support for the my Home Screen 6.0 OS. This allows users to set screensavers, among other things. Users can also set a timer for the television to turn on itself. In addition, users can set on which HDMI or TV channel the television should start. The new operating system also allows users to stream to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and there is an improved menu. The TVs will also receive support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The JX800 only gets Google’s voice assistant. Finally, the TVs get a new remote control.

Name Price Availability Name Price Availability
TX-65JZW2004 3799 euros June TX-75JXW944 2499 euros September
TX-55JZW2004 2999 euros June TX-65JXW944 1599 euros July
TX-65JZT1506 2999 euros August TX-55JXW944 1199 euros July
TX-55JZT1506 2299 euros August TX-49JXW944 1099 euros July
TX-48JZT1506 1899 euros August TX-65JXW854 1399 euros July
TX-65JZW1004 2699 euros July TX-58JXW854 999 euros July
TX-55JZW1004 1999 euros July TX-50JXW854 899 euros June
TX-48JZW1004 1799 euros July TX-40JXW854 749 euros June
TX-65JZW984 2499 euros July RX-D552E-K 179 euros June
TX-55JZW984 1799 euros July SC-PMX802E-S 549 euros July
TX-48JZW984 1699 euros July