Opera 88 has a built-in button that shows advertisements for online stores

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Browser Opera has received a new button in the sidebar that shows users offers and coupons from online stores. The function of the browser does not yet work in the Benelux, but it does in Germany.

Opera calls the interface Shopping Corner and it contains, according to the company, “the best offers, popular coupons and stores, price comparison, shopping trends and news.” The company does not mention whether it makes money itself by offering the positions in the browser, but that is obvious, because the web stores can earn money through the purchases of users of the browser. Screenshots include logos from companies such as AliExpress, Zalando and eBay.

The company says the feature makes it easier for its users to shop online, by collecting information and making it available with a button in the sidebar on the left side of the browser. That button has the icon of a bag. According to the browser builder, the feature does not affect how the browser works in other areas.

It is unknown if Opera’s feature will be released in other countries at a later date. Shopping Center is now in the browser in Germany, United States, United Kingdom and Poland. It is unclear why Opera decided to release the feature in those four countries. The shopping function is in version 88 of the browser.

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